Jobs & Economic Prosperity

A living wage not only lifts people out of poverty but also reduces the need for public assistance and saves us taxpayer dollars, it allows single parents the ability to be present and active in their children’s lives. A thriving wage also makes the rural work environment more competitive.

We need public policy that puts money into the hands of working people. I will advocate for a living wage and return to a strong middle class, including working to create career opportunities and strengthening our public vo-tech programs, apprenticeships, and professions that will keep our rural communities strong.

I will advocate for policies that support and help our small businesses. Our rural community relies on family businesses, many with fewer than 20 employees. During the COVID shutdowns, many of our new and upcoming small businesses were left out of grant programs and were forced to shutter their doors and their pursuit of the American Dream.

I will also fight to bridge the gap of high-speed internet access in rural communities. Broadband access should be reliable and affordable for all, and not a deterrent to equitable education, community resources, telehealth, or 21st-century jobs.