Meet Amanda

Amanda Waldman standing with Amanda Waldman for Congress yard sign

People & Principles Before Politics

I grew up on what remains of my family’s small farm and still live in the house my parents built. Like many Pennsylvanians, I have lived paycheck-to-paycheck. I’m a single mother who often worked multiple jobs just to pay the bills and put myself through college.

I am currently a financial representative in the Medicare industry, a board member of my local Center for Independent Living, a member of the Lycoming County Commissioners Diversability Committee, an AmeriCorp Alumni, and a community volunteer.

I worked in the Lt. Governor’s office and saw firsthand just how dysfunctional government can be. I’ve watched as people’s priorities were disregarded and common-sense legislation never even made it to a vote, making life harder for us in rural Pennsylvania.

I have considerable real-world experience mediating conflict to get the job done, and I currently volunteer to train disparate groups on how to work together to accomplish their shared goals. I meet each challenge with passion, understanding, and bulldog determination to make progress toward a better future for all.

Amanda Waldman’s Endorsements for the 9th District